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Mission Statement 



Our Philosophy of Ministry

When the church gathers, it is primarily for the purpose of growing the body of Christ.  Maturity and ministry will flow from the lives of those who deepen their understanding of God's Word.


When the church is scattered in the marketplace of life, that is when the greatest opportunities are presented to share the good news of Jesus with others.


 Our Identity


The question is frequently asked, "Just what kind of a church are you?'  Our name tells you a lot.  "Grace" is profoundly important to us.  God's gracious favor impacts how we are saved from sin, but it also influences the way we relate to others. 

"Bible" is our middle name.  You will find that the teaching of the Word on Sunday morning is expositional.  We believe we should let the Bible speak for itself.

"Church" speaks of the communion of those who have committed to fellowship together in unity for the glory of God.

Are you evangelical?  Are you fundamental?  Are you charismatic?  Are you dispensational?  Are you reformed?  Some of those words reflect our particular identity; others do not.  Unfortunately, it seems that saying you are Christian is insufficient these days.  We are not anti anyone described above.  We tend not to be charismatic in the sense of "toungues speaking;" though we do believe there are still grace gifts.  We encourage a positive response to the calls for us to live godly in Christ Jesus.  We hope this helps you figure out who we are.  Getting to know us with a visit would help you even more.



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