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 DONATIONS OF BOOKS/DVD/ETC - If we can use them, Thank You! If we cannot use them, we get credit at McKays to buy more books.
 CASH - will go for more books and library materials.
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The Grace Bible Church Library is located in Room 13, close to the left lobby entrance of the church.  Whenever the church is open the library is open and available for use. There are no fines and no paid staff. The library runs on an honor system - honor for the Lord and His house.   


  • Always sign the card in the back of the book that you borrow and leave the card in the check out drawer.
  • Return or renew books and other materials before they become overdue. The book return box is just inside the library door. Be considerate of other readers who may be waiting for the very book you have.  
  • The loan period is 2 weeks for books - one week for DVDs and Videos.If you need more time call, email, or leave a note for the librarian.  
  • Handle books with care. If you lose or damage a book, please offer to pay for its replacement. 
  • Reshelve books only when you know exactly where they go. A mis-shelved book is a lost book.   
  • If you can't find what you're looking for, ask the librarian for help. Make suggestions for books you'd like to read, and let the librarian recommend good books to you. 
  • Parents, help your children learn to use and love the library. Teach them how to check out and return books properly. Do not leave little ones unattended in the library. 
  • Let the librarian know of any suggestions you have for improving this ministry of the church.
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